Dragan Bjelogrlic

Dragan Bjelogrlic is one of the greatest Serbian actor, director, and producer. Among successful acting career that lasts 40 years, last two decades he also devoted to producing and directing movies and TV shows, therefore he became one of the most recognized and successful cinematographic creators in the entire region.

Dragan Bjelogrlic was born on October 10, 1963 and after finished elementary and high school in Belgrade, he enrolls at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts (FDA). His first acting role in front of the camera was at the age of 15, as the character of Sava Jovanovic Sirogojno in the film "Bosko Buha" (1978).
After graduating from the FDA in 1989, he had a number of roles that made him a well-known actor and also recognized as one of Serbia's leading artists. He attracted a lot of public attention with the role of Slobodan Popadic in the series "Better Life" (1987-1990). After that role, he was in the TV show "Forgotten" (1990) and the films "The Black Bomber" (1992), "Full Moon over Belgrade" (1993), " Pretty Village, Pretty Flame" (1996).
So far, he has played in almost 40 films, about 20 TV shows and dramas and 11 theater plays. At the beginning of 1994, he founded the production company "COBRA FILM", which has produced some of the most famous theater plays, films and TV shows.
For the last 20 years, Bjelogrlic has dedicated himself to production. The first film he produced was " Pretty Village, Pretty Flame ". He continued his artistic ambitions as a director and achieved a lot of success for directing the feature film and TV series "Montevideo, God Bless you". The film was chosen to represent Serbia at the Oscars when it was released.
Over the last two years, he has set new standards for TV shows s with his very successful TV show "Black Sun", which second part was filmed and released in 2020. Also, this is the first Serbian TV show broadcasted on Amazon Prime.
During 2020, Bjelogrlic directed and produced a film about the famous Serbian singer Toma Zdravkovic, which was the most popular domestic movie in the last two decades, with more than a million viewers.

At the beginning of 2023, Dragan Bjelogrlić completed the film "Guardians of the Formula", based on the true story of the nuclear incident at the scientific institute Vinča (Yugoslavia) in 1958. The film "Guardians of the Formula" had its world premiere as part of the main program of the Piazza Grande Film Festival in Locarno, where it won two awards – Variety magazine for the best film in the selection, as well as the Green Leopard award, which is awarded to films with the most impressive message. In cinemas in Serbia, the film "Guardians of the Formula" was the most watched movie in 2023, even than the world blockbusters "Oppenheimer" and "Barbie".

Three years ago, he established Master class at Faculty for media and communications, Singidunum University Belgrade.
He is married to Maja Bjelogrlic with whom he has a daughter Mia and a son Aleksej.

Dragan Bjelogrlić - Cobra Production - Kumanovska 12, Beograd